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Dick Stoner entertains you with his magic and then teaches you professional magic made easy with his easy to understand instructions. A 60 minute DVD that gives you 12 great tricks and routines plus valuable sleights, and many practical tips and ideas. These DVDs are a must for the hobbyist or professional. Take advantage of Dick's  forty plus years of experience developing usable magic with entertaining routines and hilarious lines.


This is professional magic as performed by genuine, professional magicians under "real world" conditions.


Karrell Fox said, "Very professionally done, first class material."

Hank Moorehouse said, "This is my kind of magic, strong direct routines that are commercial."

$29.95* each plus postage

Order today and put FUN in your MAGIC!!!


As featured on a National Television Special

Las Vegas Glasses

Based on a Karrell Fox idea, you’ll have your audience rolling in the aisles with laughter and amazement when you do this one!

Have a spectator select a card. The spectator returns the card to the deck and shuffles the cards. The magician now says, "I will find your card without touching the deck!" The magician now puts on a pair of eyeglasses and looks down at the deck the spectator is holding. He names a card, but it is the wrong card! The magician now says, “What was your card?” as he begins to look up. When his head is up straight, the spectators all break out in wild laughter as they see jumbo pips matching the selected card on the lens of the glasses! This one is an absolute must for you entertainers!

These glasses were manufactured especially for this trick. The pips are not just stuck to generic frames, but are applied to the inside of the lens of the glasses. Truly a quality prop made with professionals in mind. Add comedy to your act - add Las Vegas glasses to your repertoire.


$22.50* plus postage for both routines

Bonus Routine Included Absolutely Free

“Spectator Spectacles”

Effect: Performer, after having a card selected and returned to the deck, lets spectator try on his “Special Glasses”, which are humorously enough without lenses - glass frames only. He then explains that the back of the spectators selected card will look different to the spectator when he is wearing the special glasses. Performer spreads the deck and one card in the red deck is seen to have a blue back. The performer removes the card and it is seen to be the spectators’ card. He then takes the glasses back from the spectator and states that without the special glasses the card looks the same as the others. But, the big surprise and hilarious laughter comes when the spectator turns his card face down. It is now the same color as the rest of the deck! Great Fun!


"A Grave Mistake"
Pre-Plan your Funeral

This is an hysterically funny folding paper routine routine created by Dick Stoner. He gives you his patter that he has developed during hundreds of performances.

Excellent for MC work and great to have in your case for that special occasion to fill a spot in your show. Visual for any size audience and Plays Big - Packs Small

$22.50* plus postage 

Made of indestructible Tyvex which means it will last a very long time,  through hundreds of performances. 


"Bottoms Up Bar Stool"
Get Big Laughs in the End!!

You are setting on a quality Chrome Plated Barstool with a black upholstered seat that you have used throughout your act. Suddenly the seat drops six inches with a loud Bang! You're startled and shocked! After the audience laughter subsides, you climb off the stool with a pained expression. You are shocked when you see the six inch gleaming chrome rod sticking through the center of the set.

Designed after of years of development and performance experience 
Works equally well for talk or silent acts
Video available
Optional shipping case available that can be checked as luggage


$1495.00* plus $30.00 shipping in USA
Foreign order postage depicted by country



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* Prices may change without notice.